Thursday, January 3, 2013

To the New Year...

Here we go...another year.   Last year was insane, between planning our wedding, moving into our first place together, moving to a NEW place a week before the wedding, and well getting married...2012 kind of flew by. 

This year is our time to focus on building a life together, not just making it through day by day.  Being married has brought on all sorts of new challenges.  I never thought that my instinct to move furniture around every few months would be considered annoying, or that my habit of putting food in the oven before letting it reach its optimal temperature would be bad.  Live and learn. 

As 2013 is now upon us I've decided to focus daily on a few small things, not resolutions per say maybe we will call them ideas.  Yes, ideas for being happier and healthier.   When you have a great idea your allowed to fail occasionally and mess up as time goes on.  No one is perfect, but everyone has ideas of how they want their life to be and a direction to take. 

1. Be happy.  Ok so this seems easy, but as someone with major anxiety issues...this is a daily struggle.   I can go from 0 to 20 in no time.  One thing can turn a great mood into a bad day.   So being happy is an ongoing goal.  This goes hand in hand with my next idea. 

2.  Laugh.  I've been blessed with a husband that no matter what the situation, can always crack a joke.  He was put on this Earth to balance out my crazy ass I'm sure of it.   C is a clown, I've never met someone who can walk into a room and within minutes have everyone laughing.   So its probably a good idea that I laugh with him. 

3. Challenge Myself.  Being comfortable has always been just out of reach, but you know what I'm ok with that.   A big part of this year will be challenging myself with this blog, my Etsy shop, and maybe tackling a few side projects as they come up.   Oh, the biggest challenge of all for myself this 5K in April.  

4. Harmony.  After living with my sister for 4 years we had found a grove, a routine, a certain harmony that allowed us to handle being around each other constantly.   Now living with C is a whole other thing.  Its only been 6 months, I'm sure having moved twice in those 6 months hasn't helped.   After being fully unpacked at our old place, pre flood, we had found a harmony of where things went and how we managed.   After the flooded basement and move to the new (bigger) place we are still struggling to have that harmony.  We will find it, but man #2 is gonna have a play a big part in that. 

5. Remember.  Sometimes lifes biggest lessons can be learned from remembering the past.  Also, being able to look back and remember the small things.  I wasn't blessed enough to have a lot of time with my Grand parents before they passed on, but there are small things that I can look back and remember fondly.  Like how my grandpa towered over me with such a mighty force, but would sit on the couch and laugh at me while I tried to find the Indian he told me was in his Budweiser clock mural.  It's the little things. 

Hope you can have some great ideas of your own for this fresh start, this clear horizon, this Happy New Year.  

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