Thursday, July 5, 2012


The best part of moving is getting to decorate the new place.  Only I'm used to decorating a room, maybe two.  In our apartment in college my best friend and I had the best of intentions to decorate, if I remember correctly all that made it to the walls were taped up photos and a very large Elvis print by Andy Warhol. 

After the anticipation of how will I decorate subsides, your left with the often stressful and sometimes neglected task of actually following through on your ideas. 

In an attempt to keep me on point and motivated to actually decorate the new place, I'll share a few pictures of the "before", and hope that one day there will be some "after".  

Our kitchen is straight from the 60's.  Harvest yellow E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

The staircase is apparently the only part of the living/dining room that I felt worthy enough to take any photos of. 

The basement do I put this.  It's a basement I didn't expect much.

Finally the bedroom.  It is HUGE.  Downside the only place our bed would fit right was also the farthest point away from the only air duct in the place.  Disadvantage is an understatement. 

So here is before. C and I now have 22 months to decorate, or a better term is  "make it our home".  Wall art doesn't do anyone any good when its in a box. 

**apologies for the crappy iPhone pics. 
Sometimes its not convient to carry around my digital SLR

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