Friday, July 20, 2012

Turn Around

Do you have a secret pile, a small space where you pack away all of your
 "almosts" or "will do" projects? 

I used to, it was called under my in a new space its obvious how many projects were left half done (or not even started, lets be honest here).   Between being busy, not having the right supplies, or whatever other excuse I came up with the evidence was right in front of me.  I'd post a picture, but its shameful...and to be honest I haven't even compiled the ones left at my old place. 

That stops now. No, I'm not gonna go all crazy and try to finish them all this weekend.  That would be madness, and extremely tiring, and not possible given the 48 hour time frame.  However, I will accomplish something. 

This pile of previously posthumous projects will not just lie there. 
New life will be pumped into them. 
They will hang, sit, or lay with a purpose. 
(I'm pumping myself up, excuse the optimism)

Now I just need that timer from the show "24" to keep me in line and on track,
or Jack Bauer on my ass...that would work too. 

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