Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today is one of those days when a simple oversight snowballs into a much larger problem.

Every morning when I leave the house to go to work I put on my flip flops and head to my car, knowing full well that I leave my "work shoes" in my car.  It wasn't until I got to work this morning that I realized that yesterday apparently seemed like a good day to change out my daily "work shoes", which I had forgotten about this morning.  All of this means that I was sitting in the parking lot at work with no shoes but my crappy black flip flops.   Strike One.

Dress code aside these flip flops have seen better days and also have the pesky tendency of turning the bottom of my feet black, not an attractive trait on anyone.  Strike Two.

Strike three came in the form of catching said flip flops on the bottom of my desk chair, causing the toe part to rip away from the bottom sending the safety/all important/structural disk from the bottom flying. 

I'm out.  The third strike did me in.  My plan of attack was to avoid getting up the rest of the day and just sit there.   Well a few neglected copies, faxes, and conversations later...just sitting...not an option. 

Enter THE paperclip.  With nothing but office supplies around me I NEEDED to fix my shoe.   Then my instincts kicked in, I am my father's daughter. 

My father can fix anything, he is MacGyver. 

Problem solved.

Granted it sounds like I have on tap shoes when I walk, but it will work.  I'll survive another day. 

After being very proud and sending a picture to C entitled "Just call me MacGyver", he proceeded to text back with the very loving response below...

I call that "you'll have a paper clip embedded into your foot by the end of the day."

So sweet right?  Atleast he offered to bandage my foot if that happens.  True love right there. 

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