Sunday, July 1, 2012

New blog, new beginnings

For all of you previous followers of my old blog, Bobbypin Battles, welcome to our new home. That's right, "OUR" cuz you are going to be on the crazy journey with C and I. 

To all of my new readers, welcome as well.  Although I must warn you that you haven't missed out on much.  Life has only recently gotten crazy and you've picked a great time to jump on the train. 

Since last we left off,  I've moved, relocated C to the new place from 250 miles away, got a puppy, had to find a new home for the puppy, and we are still in the midst of planning the picnic of a lifetime (A.K.A. our wedding).  

So, get ready to share in my crazy attempt of trying to make a rented house a "home", prentending I'm Martha Stewart with some successful and failed DIYs, and my learning how to transition from long distance girlfriend/fiance to a wife (I know, sounds so weird). 


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